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Curious about what happens during a teeth cleaning? Our dentist in Hobart, IN, is accepting new patients and would be more than happy to safeguard your smile from tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health issues. He’ll also be able to answer any questions you may have about routine dental cleanings so you can experience peace of mind.

Teeth Cleaning Dentist Hobart IN

In the meantime, here’s what you need to know about professional teeth cleanings and why they’re important for your dental health.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Cleanings

Regular dental check-ups and teeth cleanings are essential components of maintaining oral health. While brushing and flossing at home are crucial, a professional cleaning by a dental hygienist ensures that your teeth and gums remain in optimal condition. These visits not only enhance your oral hygiene but also contribute to your overall well-being.

Preparing for Your Visit

Before your teeth cleaning and exam, it’s helpful to review your dental history and any concerns you might have. Arriving a few minutes early allows you to fill out any necessary paperwork and update your medical information if needed.

Oral Health Assessment

One of our dental hygienists or our dentist will begin by reviewing your medical history and discussing any issues or changes since your last visit. They might inquire about your oral hygiene routine and dietary habits to provide personalized recommendations.

Dental Exam

Next, a physical examination of your mouth is conducted. This includes checking for signs of gum disease, cavities, or any other oral health issues. X-rays might be taken to assess the condition of your teeth and detect any underlying problems not visible during the visual examination.

Plaque and Tartar Removal

A professional teeth cleaning begins with the removal of plaque and tartar using specialized instruments. This step is crucial as plaque buildup can lead to gum disease if left untreated. The hygienist carefully scales the teeth to remove these deposits, ensuring a thorough clean.

Following the scaling process, your teeth are polished using a gritty toothpaste-like substance and a high-powered electric brush. This helps remove surface stains and leaves your teeth feeling smooth. Flossing follows to ensure any remaining debris or particles are removed from between the teeth.

Oral Hygiene Counseling

During your visit, one of our hygienists or our dentist will provide guidance on maintaining good oral hygiene at home. They may suggest specific brushing or flossing techniques, recommend oral care products, and offer dietary advice to support your dental health.

Treatment Planning

Depending on your oral health, our Hobart dentist might recommend a follow-up appointment for further treatment or monitoring. They will typically schedule your next regular cleaning, usually every six months, to maintain optimal oral health.


After your dental cleaning, you might experience some sensitivity or minor discomfort, especially if you had extensive tartar buildup. This is normal and should subside within a day or two. Maintaining good oral hygiene habits at home, such as brushing twice daily and flossing regularly, will help keep your teeth clean and healthy between visits.

Schedule Your Next Teeth Cleaning

Dr. Leonard Ostrowski III is proud to serve as your local dentist in Hobart, IN. To schedule your next teeth cleaning appointment, please call Ridgewood Dental at (219) 947-2922. You may also fill out our online contact form and someone from our team will reach out to you soon.