Don’t have enough bone density in your jaw to support a dental implant? Ask our dentist in Hobart, Indiana, if you’re a candidate for a bone graft. The bone graft procedure allows us to augment the jawbone tissue you already have so a dental implant has adequate support for osseointegration.

Bone Graft Dentists Hobart Indiana

Here are some of the main questions we receive from patients interested in dental bone grafts. For further information, please reach out to our office to schedule an appointment with our Hobart dentist.

How Long Does it Take a Dental Bone Graft to Heal?

While each patient is different, most people completely heal from a dental bone graft between three and nine months. However, some people may take longer to heal depending on extenuating circumstances. The length of your recovery period will depend on the type of bone graft you received, where the graft was placed, and your body’s healing capacity. All of these factors will affect your experience.

Is a Dental Bone Graft Worth It?

Yes! For many patients, getting a dental bone graft is one of the best things they’ve done to protect their oral health. If you’ve experienced bone loss in your jaw, getting a bone graft can make you eligible for dental implant surgery. Not only will this help prevent future bone loss, but it’ll also help you avoid a condition called facial collapse. As the name suggests, facial collapse can give you a sunken appearance. It can also make it difficult or uncomfortable to continue wearing dentures.

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